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Soft Serve is a new, nimble self-hostable Git server that runs its own SSH service and SSH-accessible terminal user interface. It’s three delicious flavors all rolled into one.

  • Configure with git
  • Create repos on demand with git push
  • Browse repos with an ssh-powered TUI
  • Simple access controls for anonymous users and collaborators

Install Soft Serve today you’ll understand why people are saying:

git commit -m "Soft Serve, where have you been all my life?"

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Put the pizzazz back in your reading experience and get ready to fall in love with the command line all over again. Glow is the customizable, award-winning* markdown rendering tool with first-class CLI and TUI interfaces that operates on local and remote data alike.

* Self-awarded

But that’s not all: Glow leverages the Charm Cloud to stash your favorite documents in a fully-encrypted fashion for you to read on any of your devices, anytime. Combine that with the new, self-hostable Charm Cloud and your data truly is yours and yours alone.

So what are you waiting for? Install Glow today.

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The personal key value store with a simple, powerful command line user interface. You’ll impress yourself (and us!) as you come up with new ways to use Skate in your day-to-day.

  • Store text and binary data in both keys and values
  • Do clever things in scripts
  • Sync your data to all of your machines
  • Data is encrypted end-to-end and decryptable only by you

And since it’s built on the Charm Cloud you have the option to self-host your data. Now that’s what we call key value.

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