21 December 2022

What a year!

Sharing Charm’s 2022 highlights

By Charm

Charm’s mission is to make the command line a glamorous platform for creative, industrial-grade computing.

Given that, we continuously strive for clarity and open communication. We’re excited to share more with our community via this blog, including the recent posts featuring the nuances of SSH key marshaling and the new VHS publish feature. We also want to keep you all up to date with broader Charm learnings as 2022 has truly been transformative.

In spirit of open source, we’re proud to highlight some milestones achieved:

Star power

In April the team was celebrating crossing 30,000 GitHub stars, a marker in the open source world! We even open sourced the 3D model that was made in celebration. Yet when Gum and VHS launched, they each hit the global GitHub top 3 within days. These events, coupled with strong growth of our existing products, pushed us past 65,000 GitHub stars in record fashion.

Developer love

Bubble Tea, our TUI framework, crossed 10,000 stars early in the year. Shortly thereafter, we saw organizational adoption and use cases for Bubble Tea apps emerge. From Microsoft’s Aztify, a tool to bring Azure resources under Terraform management, to AWS’s EC2 Spot Interruptor, a tool that triggers EC2 spot interruption notifications and rebalance recommendations, to Doctl, Digital Ocean’s official CLI, and most recently Cockroach-Gen from CockroachDB. It’s inspiring to see that developer love for Bubble Tea has grown to the point that developers are actively integrating it into their organizations! There have now been 1,750 Bubble Tea apps built to date: that’s 3.5x more than that of last year. And Glow, our markdown reader, continues to be shared with the wider community with over 31,000 users, almost doubling that of the past two years.

Connecting with community

As an open source startup, the community truly drives what we do. This year, we prioritized expanding communication channels with our developer users. In addition to Twitter, Slack, Mastodon, we launched Instagram, YouTube, Discord for more conversational, produced, and streamlined content. On YouTube alone, we’ve published 29 videos, racking over 66,000 views and 2,450 subscribers! Recently, we even met our community in person via a co-hosted Microsoft event!

This year, we’re grateful to have been featured by Microsoft, GitHub, Twitter, Supabase, Changelog, etc. When one searches for “command line” on Hacker news, Charm tops the charts.

A screenshot of the Hacker News website with a search for ‘command line’

, 2022 has been transformative. Thanks for your support!


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By Charm

21 December 2022

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