13 April 2023

Charm Recap: March 2023

By Bashbunni

Here we are with all the stuff that happened in March!

For the full effect, check out the video on YouTube. For those who prefer to read instead of watch, here’s what happened…

Charm Stuff

How-To: Automated Integration Testing with VHS

We created another YouTube video all about how you can simplify your integration testing with VHS. You can use golden files, or even have a GIF auto-generated when a PR is created, so you can see what changes were made to your TUI directly in the PR.

Getting Started with Open Source

JZ and bashbunni came out with the second episode in their non-code contributions series outlining creative ways to support open source projects and their maintainers.

Charm Rave!!

See u in Ibiza

We hit 70k stars across our repos! To say thanks for all the love, @meowgorithm crafted another celebratory star mascot animation. This time we got ~Ibiza vibes~ with a purple hue and rave lights. So thank you both for the support and for letting us see more creative genius from Christian.

Introducing ‘Log’

This month, we launched Log, our new customizable logger. The goal here is to have structured logging in our projects without needing to introduce breaking changes to our codebase. With that goal in mind, logger was born.

What a cute lil’ bit o’ log output

It uses Lip Gloss under the hood for styling and supports multiple output formats including text, JSON, and Logfmt. It will act as a wrapper for slog once that new standard logger for Go is launched.

Read all about it on the blog!

Meetup, Eh?

Maas from the Charm team attended a Go Toronto meet up and our libraries were covered by one of the speakers, Jeremy Foran. They built a neat terminal application called “Purple Cow”.

Businesses using Charm

Cased is using Bubble Tea in their CLI!

Cased is an open source enterprise-ready tool for production work. It allows you to handle critical issues quickly– with safe, fast access to your servers over SSH. Reduce mistakes and improve the on-call experience.

From the Community


Snorre Magnus Davoen made some custom zsh scripts with Gum. They were shocked at how easy it is to add interactivity to your scripts! I mean, they’re not wrong. Gum is built to be plug-and-play. Check out their example to see how they used it.

Bubble Tea

Post your project in our #projects channel on Discord to be featured!


SSL Checker

Hello everyone, I wanted to play with the Bubble Tea framework, so integrated it with a very simple program of mine. I actually like the result, and I’m using it regularly now, so made it public



I wanted to try out a bit of Go, and I’ve decided to use the Bubble Tea framework to start my learning process. The CLI I’ve created is a search engine for Yu-Gi-Oh! cards. You type in the card you want to search for, a list of results is being displayed and if you select that card you can see pricing for different versions of that card. Nothing special, but it was a fun little ride i’ve had with go. The code is still a bit messy and can be probably refactored in many places. If you want to improve something, refactor or add new features: feel free to do that. Every help is appreciated!


Term ChatGPT

Hey everyone, I created an app in Go for terminal and Neovim for using ChatGPT


Repository Discord

Recently I’ve been experiencing Bubble Tea. In order to get my hands dirty, I started this project. Basically it is a CLI that allows you to bootstrap projects with few clicks. More features will be added as I get more familiar with Bubble Tea.


Kraven: Bubble Tea Based Twitch Chat (PoC)



driptionary: A terminal client for urban dictionary



I wanted to create a TUI project generator that offers a similar dev exp to frontend tooling that I’ve used in the past, so I started hacking on drexler.



Gruyère: A tiny (and pretty) program for viewing + killing listening ports


GitHub Calendar Component To start learning to build stuff with Charm, I ported over a web app I built to a TUI. The main visual component is a ‘GitHub’ style contributions calendar. I’m loving building it so far!



BockerR - Backup and Restore in Docker I’m new to Go and Charm (and I’m not really a developer either). To learn Go I wrote a small tool that creates a PostgreSQL backups, wraps it in a Docker image and uploads it to Docker Hub for long term storage. This might not be the smartest thing to do, but it’s fun to implement. 😄




Control your PulseAudio devices with a colorful terminal user interface via Bubble Tea.




Chatbox or as I have been calling it, epic chat. I forked someone’s project for a basic chat using wish and Lip Gloss and have been modifying it over the past few days to render in Markdown. There are a lot of glitches and jankiness (especially considering this is my first time doing anything in go). I also added some dice roll commands.

Charm in the News


TechCrunch featured Soft Serve in their list of fastest growing startups of 2022. Have a look at “Which Open Source Startups Rocketed in 2022?


The Rattlin’ blog posted an article to get started with writing TUI scripts with Clojure and Gum

Linux Pratique

Gum was featured in a French Linux magazine!

New Community Videos!

There were a couple new videos featuring Glow in our Community YouTube playlist on our channel. Check ’em out!


Read this post in your terminal with Glow:

glow -p https://charm.sh/blog/mar2023.md Copied!

By Bashbunni

13 April 2023

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