July 17, 2022

Email in your terminal

By Maas Lalani

Introducing Pop

Pop mascot


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Send emails from your terminal

At Charm, we love the terminal. We also send lots of emails. So, we thought it would be awesome to have a way to send emails from the terminal. Of course, this hypothetical tool would need to support markdown formatting and file attachments.

So, we built Pop, a tool to send email from the terminal. Pop supports markdown-based formatting, file attachments, and has a command-line interface for when you need to write scripts.

Watch how quickly you can send an email, without ever leaving your terminal:

pop mail text-based client

Even quicker with the command-line interface:

pop mail command line client

If you pass flags to pop but it’s not enough to send a valid email, pop will launch the TUI with the flags passed as pre-populated values.

Powered by Resend

We partnered with our friends at Resend to launch Pop.

Resend and Charm logos

All emails send through Resend APIs under-the-hood. This lets you send emails from custom domains and manage your sent emails from their web interface if necessary.

To use Pop, you’ll need to export a RESEND_API_KEY, you can also set RESEND_FROM to avoid having to type in your sending email.

export RESEND_FROM=pop@charm.sh


Send us your feedback (with Pop) and tell us what you think:



Read this post in your terminal with Glow:

glow -p https://charm.sh/blog/pop.md Copied!

By Maas Lalani

July 17, 2022

Maas is a software developer at Charm who built Pop. He hacks on command line tools for work and also for fun.

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