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The Mystical Charm Cloud

The command line app backend you always wanted and never knew you needed

Command-Line First

The Charm Cloud is built explicitly for the command line, allowing you to combine its power, composability, and convenience with next-generation networking, data storage, identity, encryption and multi-machine support in a very natural way. If you like building command line applications you’ll love building with Charm.

Frictionless and Invisible

The beauty of the Charm Cloud is that users wouldn’t even know it’s there. Account creation, authentication, and even the most casual interactions are authenticated, encrypted and silent. “What is this sorcery?” you ask. It’s SSH, a fundamental building block of the Charm Cloud and natural fit for the command line.

There’s No Place Like

Unix systems have always been multi-user, however the modern user is multi-machine. The Charm Cloud bridges this gap with its unique ability to link multiple machines to the same account while maintaining best SSH practices and end-to-end encryption.

For Here or To Go?

We host an official, hosted Charm Cloud which works out of the box that anyone may use. That said, all the magic and wonder of the official Charm Cloud is also packed into a single binary for easy self-hosting. Want to throw it behind systemd? Go for it. Prefer Docker? Sure. Just want to run it locally on your CLI? You got it.

And if you need an enterprise-grade hosted or colocated Charm Cloud just let us know.

Always Open Source

Would you self-host a totally awesome closed-source cloud platform? Neither would we. That’s why the Charm Cloud is open source. It’s yours to dissect, hack, scrutinize and fork. Of course, contributions are welcome, too.

Getting started with the Charm Cloud is easy and it can be integrated into your application incrementally. So whatcha waiting for?

Get Started with Charm

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Have a question about a command line thing you’re building? Got an idea for a new feature? Just wanna hang out? You’re always welcome in The Charm Slack.