The Charm team

Think you know Charm? Think again.

  • Ayman Bagabas

    🇸🇦  Software Development and DevOps

    When we first met Ayman he was writing a Linux driver for his Huawei laptop. When he’s not designing and maintaining the entirety of the Charm infrastructure he’s going deep on Charm software making the formerly impossible possible. His personal style is unmatched in the industry.

  • Bashbunni

    🇨🇦  Developer Relations

    Bashbunni is an accomplished software developer with a bulletproof resolve. Bash bridges the gap between Charm software, the Charm community, and cool cats in the local vicinity. She is the guiding light for developers looking to git gud on the command line.

  • Carlos Becker

    🇧🇷  Software Development

    Carlos can almost certainly bench press you and your entire family. At Charm he develops complex systems that do things we formerly only dreamed about. He also maintains GoReleaser which we totally rely on for getting basically anything done.

  • Christian Rocha

    🇺🇸  Founder and CEO

    Christian likes Charm in everything but his food, but that’s only because Charm hasn’t entered the food and beverage industry yet. He has interdisciplinary design and engineering backgrounds and enjoys silence, bitter melon, and applicative functors.

  • Maas Lalani

    🇨🇦  Software Development

    Maas wields split keyboards the way King Arthur wielded Excalibur. He also belts out popular software really, really fast. When he not cranking out hits he’s learning something new. Maas makes something everyday—and makes every day something.

  • Muesli

    🇩🇪  Software Development

    When we say Muesli we’re referring to a fine chap named Christian Muehlhaeuser, not a mixture of rolled oats, dried fruit, and nuts that’s typically eaten with milk at breakfast. Muesli remembers a time before the 8086 instruction set and his reputation in both the open source and Go worlds proceeds him.

Lets chat!

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